Best Funny Cool Whatsapp Status Ideas

dude Whatsapp Status, Cool whatsapp status, cool dude whatsapp status, whatsapp status dude, funky whatsapp status, funky dude whatsapp status, cool whatsapp status attitude  I am going to share you a list of cool & best WhatsApp status that you can use as a status in your WhatsApp account. If you are one of my

New year se hum aapko kya keh kr pukare

New year se hum apko kya keh kr pukare????? Tell me one no…. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20 Rply must interesting sal bhr wahi pukarnge soch kr no choose krna….. 👍👍👼👼 Answer:- 1-babu👫 2-sweetheart❤ 3-mental👽 4-darling 5-sweetoo👈 6-lover👫 7-golu molu👶 8-smart👦 9-battery🔋 10-kutta-kutti.🐶 11-Honey🍯 12-chipkku 13-frnd👬 14-fattu😭 15-dear💖 16-kamina,kamini💘 17-cat🐹 18-kanjus💰 19-padhaku📚 20-jaan,💋 👆no….😜😜😜😜 New year se hum apko

Best Whatsapp Funny Jokes Collection

whatsapp Joke, funny whatsapp joke, whatsapp funny joke, whatsapp joke funny, funny whatsapp messages with smileys, Funny Whatsapp Jokes Best Whatsapp Funny Jokes Collection Beautiful Woman Helping A Man Who Overturned His Golf Cart. While golfing, I accidentally overturned my golf cart. A very attractive golfer, who lived in a villa on the golf course,

Funny Engineering Status for Whatsapp

Funny Engineering Status for Whatsapp, Engineers Attitude Status, Engineering Status, engineering status for whatsapp, engineer status for whatsapp  Funny Engineering Status for Whatsapp My “last seen at” was just to check your “last seen at”. I will marry the girl, who looks pretty in her Adhaar card. God is really creative, I mean.. just look

Civil Engineer Status for Whatsapp

Civil Engineer Status for Whatsapp, Civil Engineer Status, engineering status, status for engineering student, civil engineering status for facebook Civil Engineer Status for Whatsapp Good engineers are not born, they are Pre-fabricated Engineers have done “ONE NIGHT STANDS” more than anybody else in this world Most of the girls in world are beautiful rest are

Whatsapp Dare Messages with Symbols

Whatsapp Dare Messages with symbols, whatsapp smiley dare, whatsapp dare choose smiley, whatsapp emoji dare messages, whatsapp smiley dare game Hello Friends …!!! Lets have fun today. If you are getting dare messages from your Friends/Gf’s and you also want them to perform dare send them these cool whatsapp dare messages and let them perform

Best Whatsapp DP (Display Picture)

Whatsapp DP, DP for whatsapp, DP images for whatsapp, pics for whatsapp, dp whatsapp, display pics for whatsapp, whatsapp dp quotes, funny whatsapp dp  Friends here are some of the most popular and Funny display picture for Whatsapp. You must be searching for Whatsapp DP, So here you will get some Funny DP for Youngsters

Top 5 Whatsapp questions About me

whatsapp questions about me, whatsapp dare games for lovers, whatsapp dare choose smiley, whatsapp love games, WhatsApp Games, Whatsapp questions, dare games, whatsapp dare Whatsapp Dare Questions Select the whatsapp dare Jo aaye wo karna padega 01. 🎁 02. 🎁 03. 🎁 04. 🎁 05. 🎁 06. 🎁 07. 🎁 08. 🎁 09. 🎁 10.

Whatsapp Dares Games with Girlfriend

whatsapp dares for girlfriend, whatsapp dare, whatsapp games for lovers, whatsapp love games with answers, dare games, whatsapp dare  Today I will be posting about some of the dare question for Whatsapp and facebook so that you can use this question with your Girlfriend or with your friends to reveal their secretes.  Enjoy and share

100 Cute Whatsapp Love Status from the Heart

love status for whatsapp, whatsapp love status, love whatsapp status, best love status, best status for love, best whatsapp status on love, Whatsapp status   Whatsapp Love Status Life was much easier when Apple and Blackberry were just fruits. Waiting for wi-fi network. Everything that kills me makes me feel alive I Am Not Special ,