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Check If Your Pendrive fake or original

Now a day’s there are many Pendrives available in the market, Some Pen Drives are Original whereas some are fake but it’s very difficult to judge which is original and which one is fake pendrive. Pen drives are the only Portable device which is Most widely used by Most of the people. Duplicate Pen Drives Looks Similar

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is an new technology which as been Increased Like wild fire All the Industries and Big Companies are moving towards cloud computing for storing  their Information. Trend of Cloud Computing will continue to grow and develop further in coming years. Now a days Cloud Computing is becoming extremely Popular and has huge Benefits in using it. What

How to Protect your Online social Networking Accounts

Now a days your Presence online on Social Networking sites Like Facebook, Google + and Twitter where you share all your personal data like your phone No. Home Address etc. Hence This Information should be kept Hidden from unauthorized Users, In some cases you may use your Online banking Information which should be kept private. Most of the banks are trying

Android apps for Privacy Protection and Security

Android Phones are Increasing day-by-day and  hence keeping it’s privacy safe is the major task for the android users.  Only 20% of the Android Users Feel their mobile phones are “Very Safe”. Your Android phone is like a Mini computer where all your personal data is stored and your personal messages which should be protected. Read More:-  Secured

Tricks To Speed Up Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a freeware web browser developed by Google which is one of Most popular browser for its flexibility and simplicity. Google Chrome is one of the fastest Browser among all other Browser but due to your requirements and PC hardware which may slow down your browsing experience. Hence Google Chrome allow you to

How To Secure Google Account

Most Widely Used Email Account is Gmail, and supported email service provided by Google. Gmail allow Secure Web mails as well as via POP3 or IMAP4 protocols.Initially Gmail Provide 1GB storage per User and allow Individual attachments up to 25 MB.  Gmail provide features Like Gmail Labs,Spam filter,Gmail Mobile,Gmail chat and Offline Google Mail etc. Now it’s our Responsibility to keep

Check Who is Accessing Your Wi-Fi Network

Wireless Technology has made tremendous increase in Technology, But while using Wireless Technology their are more threats of Unauthorized User which has been using your Network So using good Password does’t make you safe from Unauthorized User. Using Your Network by Unauthorized User may lead to slow down your Bandwidth. So if you want to know who is  accessing your Network without your

How to Get Access to System folder In Nokia Using HelloOX

Now you can Access your System file of your Mobile Using HelloOX2, which install a version of RomPatcher. When You Apply this Patch your mobile will be able to access all system files.  Using HelloOX2 you get full access to the phone system files So that we can install a Root Certificate. We can Insert any Certificate to

Android and iPhone which is better

Android and iPhone are most popular Smartphone in the world,iPhone were smartphone form earlier but Android has just few years back Launched and had made great competition with iPhone.Few years back Nokia was the leading company in Mobile Industry but due to Android Market Nokia has Loss many customer. To the Point Android is for Conman people who wish to use

Essential Ways to Increase Computer Efficiency

Computer is consider as very important tool for Web User and Gamer.Computer makes our life easier and simpler by Storing and Sharing Lot’s of Important files but the main problem with the computer is you may lost your personal data due to some crash in Hard disk or due to some CPU problem. Your computer