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100 Cute Whatsapp Love Status from the Heart

love status for whatsapp, whatsapp love status, love whatsapp status, best love status, best status for love, best whatsapp status on love, Whatsapp status   Whatsapp Love Status Life was much easier when Apple and Blackberry were just fruits. Waiting for wi-fi network. Everything that kills me makes me feel alive I Am Not Special ,

50 Relationship facts to know before getting Married

Marriage is a very primitive institution. If you get married, it is almost certain that it will not be a result of your desires and logic, but because of tradition and the expectations of others. How can you possibly expect to be happy for long? You need to be prepared for disillusionment, sadness, arguments, loneliness,

Truth or Dare Questions for party lovers

truth or dare questions, good truth or dare questions, truth and dare questions, best truth or dare questions, funny truth or dare questions, truth or dare questions for kids, truth or dare questions for party How to Play Truth or Dare Game? In the game of Truth or Dare each participant has the choice in whether

10 signs that prove you’re the Best Boyfriend Ever

Every Guy wants to be a coolest boyfriend ever so here are some of the qualities on your behalf every Boyfriend should have to be a best boyfriend and keep long term relationship. Every girl wants a guy, who will hugs her when they’re watching a scary movie, who gives her his jacket even when he himself is