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Social Media Apps for Mobile

Mobile Phone is an Primary Need for Young Generation, there are many Platform for Mobile Phone. Android is one of the Most Popular Platform for Mobile Device, there are Various Kind of Applications. There are thousands of application available on app Store.  

Top 10 best smartphones in india 2013

Top 10  best smartphones in india 2013, Today I will tell you some of the most popular Smartphone which were having high demand for the year 2013. Top Smartphone which were known for High performance, Low cost and budget Smartphone for the Year 2013. Top 10  best smartphones in india 2013 Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus

Download BlackberryMessenger on Android

BlackBerry messenger is an messaging application via Internet, Earlier it was only available on BlackBerry devices but Know they say that BBM will be available for Android and iOS Devices too. BBM is the most fastest, extremely helpful and most secure Application for messaging Via Internet. BlackBerry Messenger will be available for download on Google

How to Take Care of your SmartPhone

Now a days Everyone has his/her Smartphones and we say their Life is only for 2-3 years but if we take care of our Phone Properly then it may last for 1 year more. Have you ever Seen your Cell and your Father Cell, I Beat your father cell would be in good condition then

Best Messaging App Whatsapp or Wechat

Whatsapp and Wechat are both mobile phone apps which are use to communicate and message your friend. WeChat is totally free app and whats app is  Free for 1st year of registration then you have to Pay for it. You can add anyone in Wechat through Id, However in WhatsApp both user should have shared phone numbers.

Easy Way to Install WhatsApp on PC

WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform mobile messaging app which is available for Android, Windows Phone, Nokia, BlackBerry and iPhone. So every platform can chat with each other because Messenger uses  same Internet pack which you use for browsing and downloading so there is no extra Cost for sending Messages . Just Download WhatsApp Messenger and Install it on your phone, start Chatting. WhatsApp

Send Free SMS Using Google

Google has Introduce New feature for Gmail which will allow User to send free SMS on any Mobile in India. Yahoo has already started this Service, Due to Some Security Problem Google have to Roll back but now this free SMS service works Absolutely Fine. How to send free SMS using your Gmail Account STEP1 :-  Login

How To Secure Google Account

Most Widely Used Email Account is Gmail, and supported email service provided by Google. Gmail allow Secure Web mails as well as via POP3 or IMAP4 protocols.Initially Gmail Provide 1GB storage per User and allow Individual attachments up to 25 MB.  Gmail provide features Like Gmail Labs,Spam filter,Gmail Mobile,Gmail chat and Offline Google Mail etc. Now it’s our Responsibility to keep