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Social Media Apps for Mobile

Mobile Phone is an Primary Need for Young Generation, there are many Platform for Mobile Phone. Android is one of the Most Popular Platform for Mobile Device, there are Various Kind of Applications. There are thousands of application available on app Store.  

How to get Google Certified for Free

Today I will show you how to get Certified online without Paying money, If you are thinking of doing any course to get certificate then you are wasting your time as well as your money. Friends it’s time to earn money and enjoy our life, So by sitting at home you can watch tutorials and

Top 15 Social Accounts you Should Setup

There are many  social media and bookmarking sites some are very popular and are useful to connect people. I recommend you to focus  on building your presence on most popular social Media such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus+. Today, I’m going to list which are the top  social networking accounts you should setup. NOTE

How to: Google Glasses

After Huge Success in Smartphone Operating System and Smart devices Google have launch their New product called Google Glasses. Where this glasses would be smart enough to guide you and give day to day report to you. Google Glass comes with Projected Display where this display would show all information to you whichever you want, Camera and

Create Social Networking website Using PHP

Most of the users have being addicted to social Networking site such as most of the users are being online on Facebook, twitter etc. There are millions of user active on social Networking site. If you wish to create a social networking site then I am having some PHP script which will help you to

Defend Your Privacy

Now a day Social Networking Security and Privacy are most important because now a days scams are increasing day by day and you should be secured on Social Networking site because it contains all personal information about you and your first step is to secure your Social Networking Account. Social Networking had bring all class of people all over the world are