How to Stay Safe Online

Now Everyone using Internet and buys online Products Using their Bank Credit or Credit Card.  So you should be safe on Internet so that your personal Information Like Password or credit card number are safe and they should not handed over Unauthorized Users. Earlier People is to buy Products from Shop but Now a days everyone wants to buy Products online because they are Cheaper then Shop price and some are free Shipping. Hence Security has become a major cause of concern for Internet User.  Always be safe while Shopping Online

Regular Update

Always Stay Updated with you Browser and Anti-Virus because both helps you for Online shopping and Make you safe. Most of the People don’t Update their Browser because this don’t matter while browsing but when it comes to security this is most important which we have to do. Browser Update is made  to make customer Safe against malware attack and other harmful activity. So please Update your browser to their Latest Version.

Encrypted Browsing

Encrypted Browsing is one of the safest browsing, Any site which takes your personal information and is not encrypted then please don’t allow them to take your personal information like address, Phone no. etc. Their are different types of encryption mode mostly 32bit encryption and 128bit encryption. All payment sites should be encrypted otherwise it is not safe to use.Encrypted Browsing is stated as HTTPS in green color which is safe and uses Encryption.

WEB Address

While Browsing always Look at web address because some people browse inter net without Looking at web address and use their password to log-in. It is very easy to create a same page like facebook Log-in page but web address which is given to fake page will be different. It’s very difficult to find difference between original website and fake page. So browse Internet while looking at Address Bar and be safe while money transaction .

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