Now you can Install Mac OS X on your Windows machine Using third Party Application Called PearPC. PearPC is a software package that emulates Mac hardware on Windows PC. Today I will Show you step by step instructions on how to install Mac OS X on your Windows based computer.

How To Install Mac OS X on Windows Using PearPC

STEP 1 :- Download PearPC ( PowerPC Architecture Emulator )

STEP 2 :- Extract Folder and Create  ISO file from the Mac OS X.

STEP 3 :- Install the PearPC Control Panel and Click on New File >> Create Virtual Hard Drive.

STEP 4 :-  Now Give 6 GB Hard Drive Size and Click on Browse and goto PearPC directory and Select MacHD3GB.img

STEP 5 :- Now Click File >> New Configuration File and find “ppc.exe” file.

STEP 6 :-  Now Put Pear Location (ppc.exe) and Primary IDE Decvice (MacHD3GB.img) Click on Browse and put their Location.

STEP 7 :- Now it will take some time to run PearPC and install Mac OS X.

Mac OSX on windows 7

Now you have Successfully Installed Mac OS X on Windows Using PearPC