What Happens If You Fall Into A Black Hole? Black holes form when a star collapses under its own weight. Black holes are not black , we see them as black because even light doesn’t escape from it. Black holes are points in space with so much mass and gravitational pull that even light isn’t fast enough to escape them. So once you go in, there’s no coming out. So what will happen if you fell in As you start falling into a black hole, you’d just feel weightless, like an astronaut zooming around the International Space Station.

What Happens If You Fall Into A Black Hole?

But as you get closer to the center, the gravitational pull of the black hole would start doing strange things to your body. Suppose you were feeling especially reckless and decided to dive head-first into the black hole. Gravity would start tugging on your head and stretch it out.

Physics gets a little fuzzy with supermassive black holes, and scientists aren’t really sure what would happen if you jumped into one. Time and space change places in black hole .
As you continue to fall, you’d speed up and time would slow down. This concept is called time dilation; it means you’d get to see some crazy things as you slip past the event horizon and keep falling into the center of the black hole.

Eventually you’d reach the black hole’s singularity — a point where the curving of space-time becomesinfinite — and get crushed.
Whether you get vaporized or live long enough to see the inside of a supermassive black hole is part of the “black hole information paradox,” and physicists are actively trying to unravel it.

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