Engineering is injurious to health, engineering causes frustration.

Engineering, the most opted career option in India, one of the hardest course in the world. Every Indian Father Dream his Child Should do only Engineering in which he will get Status in the society such as “Sharmaji Ka Beta Dekho Engineering Kar raha Hai” India has an engineering culture.

Around 1.5 million engineering students graduate every year in India while only fewer getting Placed in good Company others start working in startups or start their own startup company.

We are engineers, we fix everything, from broken machine appliances to broken hearts. We engineers are survivors, we’ve been through hell and back again. We carry ideas with a potential capable of changing the world. We are awesome because we have completed ENGINEERING.

#1. Life of Engineering in 4 Years they have 8 Semesters and 16 Mid Semester Exams addition to this they have Theory, Lab, Assignments, Mini Project, Major Final Project and Last but not the least Attendance. Even Some students get Lucky oppertunity to get into Campus Placement only few students and after completing all the steps and clearing all paper that person is called as an ‘Engineer’. It’s no less than a battle.

Even Guinness World Records acknowledge that, it has chosen Engineering as the toughest course in the world.

engineering jokes

#2. What engineers do.

Getting Admission in Engineering Colleges are very easy, Just Need to work hard in 12th Science and Give Entrance Exam Try your Luck if it fails give Donation and take admission in Engineering college. But after that you need to only Struggle in your Life no fun, no relationship, no enjoyment.

What engineers Do

what engineers do

What engineers do in college

What engineers do in college

Life of Student before Engineering


What engineers do in Presentation


#3. There are two types of engineering students that you’ll find in your class. The ones who display their intellect occasionally, who ask doubts and the others like me who patiently wait for the boring lecture to finish. The ones who make notes and the others who pay for the photocopy machine. The ones who buy pens and the others like me who have good contact with friends specially girls.


two-kind of engineering student

#4 In engineering, creativity is more important than attendance. But you need to have 75% attendance if you want to sit for Exam. engineering is full of Fun and you will miss it once you get passout, Every good engineering should get back in semester otherwise you won’t get that feeling of engineering.

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#5 There are some question which Hurt Every engineering students

What’s your college attendance?
Do you have any girlfriend?
What’s your percentage?
Why did you choose engineering?
Do you smoking and drinking?
when do you study, sleep, and eat?

dekh bhai engineering student jokes

Never underestimate the power of an engineer. Bhaiya ek engineer apni pe aajaye toh neeche se upar tak har system ko badal deta hai.


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