Which is the Best 3G WiFi Dongle ?     WiFi is a Close area wireless Internet, Dongle is an Internet service provider where in you have to insert your Sim Card which provide Internet facility. Wifi dongle is an usb wifi adapter. Some Dongles are operator free Dongle but some are operator Dependent Dongle which dependence on service provider such as MTS dongle in which only MTS SIM card is being Used. Today I will be Listing Some 3G WiFi Dongle.wifi-Dongle

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Micromax MMX 400R (Price: 2,435)

The Micromax 400R is a 3G (WiFi) wireless router . An operator free device , So that you can Use any 3G GSM service operator (Airtel, Aircel, Vodafone, BSNL, or any other ). You can easily create your WiFi Hotspot and can share your Internet up to 5 wireless enabled devices. Micromax 400R is a Portable and handy device which provides high speed Internet access to any Wi-Fi device within 10 -15 metres .It has battery backup up to 4 hours.MICROMAX Wifi Router

Features of Micromax MMX 400R :-

★ Multi User Capability
★ High Speed Internet (upto speed 7.2 Mbps)
★ Secured Access
★ Long Battery Life
★ Independent Operating System

Huawei E355 (Price: 3,000)

The Huawei E355 Datacard allows any 2G or 3G SIM Card to be inserted and used that has active network connectivity. The device can use the standard GPRS, EDGE and GSM network.The device also doubles up as your Smart Mobile Wi-Fi hub, able to share your 2G or 3G internet with up to 5 other devices like your laptop or Smarphone.Being a Plug and Play device, it is easy to install and configure for the first time.

Features of Huawei E355:-

★ 3G SIM Support
★ Expandable Memory Upto 32 GB
★ USB Support
★ Plug and Play
★ Smart Mobile Wi-Fi


  1. sir i want to know if wi-fi dongle is better or the other one for single user usage

    • wi-fi dongle is better then a normal dongle but only thing is wi-fi dongle is costlier then normal dongle

  2. 16.12.2014 Dear Nilkanth Shirodkar, it’s good to know about u, ur edu n interest. God bless u n fam.
    Pl suggest one most economical wi-fi dongle / NET connection , definitely pre- paid, which costs reasonably and has maximum validity period for use. I live in Lucknow aged 65 yrs. Thanks a lot.

  3. hello nilkanth, i want to buy a dongle with idea network. can you please help me suggest if i should buy a company’s dongle like (idea 3g dongle with wif-fi) or i should go with any other dongle which can be universal. i mean is there any speed difference in both or not?

    • Gurjas I will prefer you to go with Universal Dongle but if you are big fan of Idea and will be using only idea Internet then you can go for Idea Dongle. There’s no speed difference it depends on which Pack you are using.

  4. shanky pahoja Reply

    I live in rishilesh and only airtel provide 3g service here and i want to buy wifi dongle but airtrl does not have wifi dongle
    So i want to buy the one that support multi sims plzz tell me wat options i have

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