Access System file of your Mobile Now you can Access your System file of your Mobile Using HelloOX2, which install a version of RomPatcher. When You Apply this Patch your mobile will be able to access all system files.  Using HelloOX2 you get full access to the phone system files So that we can install a Root Certificate. We can Insert any Certificate to the Root (system Folder) so that we can Mod the Phone, including the Manufacturer capabilities requested apps.

How to access system files with HelloOX2

STEP1:-  Download X-plore and Install it.

STEP2:- Open X-plore and Now you will be able to see all drives in your Phone

STEP3:- Now Press “0” and Make sure that all Boxes are Ticked


STEP4:- Now Go to C:/sys but you will be not able to access it. C:/sys folder will show Total Size =0KB.

STEP5:-  Download  HelloOX2 and Install then Run it.

STEP6:- After Installation you will get RomPatcher, Open it and you will get Open4all . (This Open4all is the patch which is located in E:/patches)

STEP7:- Now Select Open4all and then Click on “Option“–> “Patch“–>”Apply” .

STEP8:- Now get switched to X-plore and Click on C:/sys , Now you will be able to access all system files as well as Private Files. 

STEP9:- Now you can easily Mod any files from your system and Enjoy.

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