You can adjust the brightness and contrast of your monitor So that it will help you to improve the readability and only save your eye from high radiation. I use this software Just because Mostly I work at night time and my Desktop is in my Parents room so they sleep, and This software helps me in reducing the brightness of my desktop and hence my parents will not get disturb. This Software should me used during Night Time and specifically for Desktop because in laptop we can easily adjust the brightness. how to adjust brightness of desktop

Dimmer is a little free software which help you to control the brightness of your computer screen. Main thing of Dimmer it will help your eye by emitting less radiation from LCD, TFT and LED screens. Dimmer only runs on Windows operating system.

Dimmer don’t need any Installation process, only download it and extract it and run dimmer file it will automatically adjust your Brightness level.


If you want to Uninstall Dimmer application Just go to Task manager by pressing Alt+Ctrl+Del key and End Dimmer Task, Now delete the Dimmer files. Now Enjoy Using your Desktop PC at Night Time and Work Hard.

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