Few days before facebook had launched Advance Chatting features to make chatting easier and helps user form getting frustrated because whenever you are busy in work some people just say hi hello and disturbs you, so to avoid those friends from chat facebook allow you to put those friends in except friends chat box in Advance Chat setting. You can also be online to some specific friends so that you will able to chat like in groups and you can also put lists of your friends to whom you want to show online and for others you will be offline.

How to Enable Advance Chat Settings on Facebook

STEP1:- Log In to your facebook account.

STEP2:- Goto Chat and open it (means Click on it)

STEP3:- Now Goto  Setting –> and Click on Advance Setting

STEP4:-Now put your friends name with whom don’t want to chat. Add your friends name with whom you don’t want to chat.

STEP5:-Next only some friends will be able to see you online and add your friends name .

STEP6:- Last one is getting Offline so that none of your friend will be able to see you online But this is very common of getting Offline.

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