Android and iPhone are most popular Smartphone in the world,iPhone were smartphone form earlier but Android has just few years back Launched and had made great competition with iPhone.Few years back Nokia was the leading company in Mobile Industry but due to Android Market Nokia has Loss many customer.

To the Point Android is for Conman people who wish to use Smartphone and it’s cost efficient Low Price but iPhone is an Luxury Phone but Apple gives value for money this does’t means that Android don’t give both Smartphones have value for Money but the top class features which iPhone allows which Keep iPhone ahead.

Design & feel

iPhone  is slim and low weight then Android Phones, as compared to android iPhone have  dashing look which place them on top of market in design and Looks.

App Market

Android has it’s one of the famous market for Apps called Android Market Now it has been changed to .As Android is an open source operating system their is Lots of traffic and Most of them are free but apple has quality of Apps in their apple store and most of the quality Apps are Paid Apps.


iPhone has Smooth Multitasking So that you can Swap multiple Apps by pressing Home key for period of time. Android don’t have Smooth Multitasking as compared to iPhone but Android has made great improvement in Android 4.0 ice cream sandwich Update.


Since Android is an Open Source anyone can use it and hence anyone can inject harmful code and you can download it from non-commercial Market and this code will be  executed on Mobile giving your personal information. Since Apple iPhone is Closed System and hence only registered users can download apps form  apple store. Security of  iPhone is much stronger then Android.

Battery Life

Generally iPhone have Better Battery Life but main problem is when you want to replace Battery you can’t replace it. Android also have average Battery Life and also take less time to make your Battery full.

Everything is depended on you, if you have very high budgets then definitely go for Apple iPhone but if you budgets is very Low somewhere around 10k and want to experience Smartphone then go for Android.

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