Many of  my friends  uses  Laptop but the main issues with the laptop is the  backup . Since Laptops are portable and there are many more features of  laptop but to use all there feature we must have long backup such as playing Games , watching Movie etc which takes lot’s of power to run . So use some this techniques to save your backup .

Increase your laptop Battery Life
Battery life
  1.  Decrease your laptop brightness  :- Suppose your laptop brightness is 100% then it’s obvious  that at least 50% of your battery will be used by brightness .So decrease your laptop brightness so that every thing is visible and your backup is also saved or choose the best power saver plan which the laptop service provide.
  2. Avoid Using too many Application Running  concurrently :- Most of us will be having habit to run too many programs at the same time. But this will use lot’s of  power to run all program such as if you want to watch movie  then don’t open internet browser or Game this application will use your backup power .
  3. Automatically Sleep Mode  your Laptop when it is not in Use :- Many of us makes the mistake of keeping your laptop on for long period of time when we are not using it. I don’t want to shut down your laptop because for loading and shut downing it will take more energy then putting idle. So just configure your laptop to go to sleep mode when you are not using your laptop for long period of time such as after 30 minutes   this will save your battery life and without effecting your work.

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