Battery Percentage Dare Game Whatsapp, You can send these dares to your WhatsApp contacts which will be loved by your friends. I am personally very fond of WhatsApp dare messages. I also send a lot of dares to my facebook friends and this is a easiest way to impress any girl and make her your Girlfriend. Ok, let’s start and Share this with your lover, friends, girlfriends or anyone to have dare with him/her.

Battery Percentage Dare Game Whatsapp

The dare is based on your battery %age

tell me your battery percentage

And I will give you a DARE


Answer :

100%: Propose me and kiss me.

99%: Send me a picture of your hands.

98%: Flirt with me for next 15 minutes.

97%: Kiss me when we meet.

96%: Tell me the name of your crush.

95%: Change your WhatsApp DP to my picture.

94%: Say I Love You in a voice note.

93%: Gift me a pair of shoes.

92%: Propose me in your style.

91%: Tell me a joke.

90%: Send last 5 pictures from your camera roll.

89%: Name of your Ex?

88%: What is your relationship status.

87%: Act as my Slave for next 10 days.

86%: tell your lover’s name?

85%: Tell me one secret.

84%: Describe our relationship with a movie name.

83%: Sing a song and send it as a voice note.

82%: What do you eat today?

81%: What do you think about me when you met me for the very first time.

80%: How much money do you have in your wallet now?

79%: Say the Remaining balance in your mobile phone right now.

78%: Send the screenshot of you phones home screen.

77%: Dance for 10 seconds and send me that video.

76%: Write my name on your left hand and show me when we meet next time.

75%: Send Ur Cutest Pic

74%: give big party

73%: Tell Ur Crush Name

72%: Make My Picture Your Dp Fr 1 Day

71%: Tell me about your past love

70%: What’S Ur Deepest Secret?

69%: Recharge For 80 Rs.

68%: Propose me in the cutest way

67%: Send Ur Pic What R U Doing Now

66%: Write My Name On Ur Status Saying U Lov Me

65%: Call Me Continuously For 30 Days To Wish Gud Mrng Nd Gud Nyt?

64%: Tel Me1 Thing I Did And U Find It Stupid…

63%: Call Me Nd Tell I Love You

62%: Tell Me One Thing You Have Never Told Anyone( Not even parents or besttt frnd )

61%: Ice Cream Treat of at least 50 Rs.

60%: Be My Girlfriend For 2 Days.

59%: How Do U Describe Me Atleast Sixteen Lines

58%: Send A Voice Note Saying That U Love Me..

57%: Send 13 most funny jokes

56%: Describe Me In One Word.?

55%: Make A Dp Of U And A Guy Wid U.. Bt He Shud Nt B Ur Bf.

54%: Give Me A Treat @ nearest best hotel

53%: Send Me Ur Best Frnds Number

52%: Tell Me Something You Always Wanted To Say But You Couldn’T

51%: Give Me Two Cadbury silk

50%: Write My Name On Ur Status Sayng U Are Committed With Me

49%: Send Me ur gf’s photo .

48%: Give Me 10 Kisses when u meet me

47%: Write Ur N My Name In Ur Status For 1 Day!

46%: Send Me 57 ?

45%: Make My Nd Ur Pics Collag And Put It As Ur Dp With Dazzling Status

44%: Recharge my phone with 100 Rs.

43%: What Are Ur Feelings About Me?(NO CHEATING)

42%: Tell Me A Secret About You?

41%: Tell Me A Secret About Ur Relationship?

40%: Call me for 10 days and say me “you are awesome”.

39%: Propose me in 3 most cutest ways.

38%: Send A Pic Of Ur Crush

37%: Put Your Status For A Day Saying “I ❤The First Letter Of Your Lover”

36%: Ask Me A Question(Without any hesitation)

35%: Send me a pic which is totally crazy?

34%: Give Me 100 Hearts Saying U Love Me❤❤❤

33%: Call Me N Say My Name Loudly?

32%: What Am I To You???

31%: Pay my shopping bill?

30%: Tell Me One Thing about your Best Friend

29%: What’S On Ur Mind..?

28%: Call Me Now…

27%: Whenever U Meet Give Me A Hug.?

26%: Give Me A Big Treat

25%: Dance N Share That Video wid Me.

24%: Dedicate A Romantic Song For Me.?

23%: Describe Me In One Word..

22%: Describe Me In 4 Lines

21%: Do my Internet recharge for at least 300 Rs.

20%: Be My Enemy For 2 days

19%: Movie show from your side ??

18%: Say I Love You __(MY NAME) And Send The Voice Note to Me

17%: Say ur true feelings for me

16%: What’S Ur Deepest Secret?☝

15%: Send Me A Voice Note My Name In A Loud Voice! Evn Your Siblings Doubt ? Regarding What You Are Doing

14%: Tell me how much u love me

13%: Voice Clip Send Ur Gona Crazy

12%: Propose for marry

11%: What Would U Want Our Relation To Be?

10%: Write Ur Phone Number In Ur Status

9%: Your first crush name❤

8%: Pay my shopping bill

7%: Most Romantic Scene U Have Ever Seen.

6%: Give Me A Call And Say You Love Me And You Have To Repeat It For 2 Days..?

5%: Any Song Which Reminds You Abt Me

After 5 % you put your charger
Charge your phone for 20 mins
And send the screenshot

Share with your friends and enjoy ?

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