Cloud Computing is an new technology which as been Increased Like wild fire All the Industries and Big Companies are moving towards cloud computing for storing  their Information. Trend of Cloud Computing will continue to grow and develop further in coming years. Now a days Cloud Computing is becoming extremely Popular and has huge Benefits in using it.


What are the Benefits of Cloud Computing ?

  1. Any Where/ Any Time Access to Data.

  2. Improved Reliability and Security of Data

  3. Wide Access To free software

  4. No Setup Cost  such as : purchasing Hardware, Software and Licencing etc.

Q1. What is SAAS ?

Ans :- SAAS  stands for “Software as a Service”  Rather than relying on desktop software or traditional servers, Software is Hosted by  a third party, and available via cloud.

Advantages Of  Cloud Computing

Cost Efficient

Cloud Computing is the most Cost effective require no cost for setup and maintenance. The main part of Cloud Computing is that it does’t require any licencing fee which save lots of capital. Cloud Computing is available at much cheaper rates and hence can lower the company expenses.

Unlimited Storage

Unlimited information storage capacity is provided by cloud with security feature. So User need not worry about the space available in storage and can store huge amount of data.

Backup and Recovery

All Information which is being Stored on Cloud is an Important Data of Company So it should be secured and should not given in 3rd party Hands and regular Backup should be taken so that data is being kept in secured Place and recovery is an mechanism which cloud provide to recover the lost data.

Pay Only for What you Use

This is an Important feature which is being provided by Cloud,” Pay only for what you use ” this means you have to just pay for a service in which the user is interested and whenever user wants the service. In this major Priority is give for the user. User decide what he want and not.

Easy Fast Deployment To user

Once the Application is Hosted on cloud it will available for the users to use. for example Google Docs where all the documents can be read or write without Installing any peace of software. So it’s really very fast to deploy any application which is being hosted on cloud.

Monthly Payment Plans

Their are huge number of services which are being provided by cloud. Hence user can select any service at any time. You don’t have to buy a cloud storage for a year or has to pay after a year such as what we do for regular server. In cloud you can use their services as per your need. As your need finishes you can remove your service.

Now Most of the companies are moving towards Cloud Storage due to the above advantages but it also have some disadvantages too. So this may harm you you don’t Understand cloud computing properly.

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