Career in Information Technology :- IT Technology Is most rapidly changing Technology and this era is of Computers and Internet. Now days every person Like to Join in Social Media such as Social Networking sites Hence IT Careers has got huge demand over the past few years. Every Field is working with the help of computer and all Important data are stored on computer such as Banks and big Companies. This as created many Jobs for IT Students, see if Important data is stored on computer so we require Security Administrator which is an branch in Information Technology.

career in information technology

Choose your Career as Information Technology only if you have Interest in Learning New Things such as Programming Language  because every new second new software and techniques comes out so should be able to work with it. Every IT Student must Think Logically and should have inborn Creativity talent.

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure“.In any Field, you can’t become successful without Hardwork hence you should be ready to work for Long Hours to achieve your Goal. You should keep your self Updated with Latest technologies.

Activities of IT Workers

Troubleshooting and Support

—> Help desk technicians and service workers


—> Writing code for computer software


—> Computers, web pages, software, multimedia

IT means dealing with Computer Software as well as Computer Hardware,So their are many classification of  IT careers  such as Software Engineers, Hardware Engineers, Network Administrators, Database Administrators,  Computer Programmers and So on.

Here are some of the Job Titles in  IT careers :- 

  1. Web Developer :- Developing Website and apps which are running from web server to web browser.

  2. Webmaster :- A webmaster is responsible for maintaining one or many websites.

  3. Web Designer :- In this field you require your creativity and your skills, you can design different types  Interfaces which will attract the User.

  4. Computer Programmer :- A Computer Programmer is a specialist in one area of computer programming such as Python, PHP. Mostly Known as Coder.

  5. Database Administrator :- Monitoring and Maintenance of databases.

  6. IT Consultant :- This field focuses on advising businesses and how it can be successful using information technology.

  7. Computer Technician :- Job is to repairs and maintains computers and servers.

  8. System Administrator :- Job is to design, construct and maintenance of computer systems and networks.

  9. SEO Specialist :- Having Great demand in IT and web development field. In this field you are optimizing website to rank higher in search engine.

  10. Software Programmer

  11. Software Engineering

  12. Computer Operator

  13. Project Manager

  14. Computer Engineering

  15. Application Developer

  16. Network Administrator

  17. Software Testing

  18. Computer Scientists

  19. IT Director

  20. Professors in Collage

Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. I don’t think anybody can talk meaningfully about one without the talking about the other.”

Bill Gates

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