If you are Geek about updating your Status on facebook, you must have got bored  using same font for long period of time. Also when you change the font of your status people get attracted to read your Status and hence you will get more and more likes which will viral your status.fb-status

Facebook officially does not allow us to change the font of fb status. Some Users might not like the default font to facebook because they must have got bored to watch the same font. Also you can surprise your fb Noob friend with change in font, they will surely say “Wow

How to Change the Font of your Facebook Status

Facebook support many third Party application, and their are many sites which allow service to Facebook. To change the font we are going to use Funky Text Generating Tool from NameFunk.com

STEP 1:- Now Type your Message in Message Box and Press Enter, This will generate different types of font such as funky text, flipped text etc.fb_font

STEP 3:- Now Select the converted text and Copy it on your facebook wall.

Enjoy this Font Style on your Facebook Wall

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