Wireless Technology has made tremendous increase in Technology, But while using Wireless Technology their are more threats of Unauthorized User which has been using your Network So using good Password does’t make you safe from Unauthorized User. Using Your Network by Unauthorized User may lead to slow down your Bandwidth. So if you want to know who is  accessing your Network without your permission then you can check out by using Wireless Network Watcher. 

Wireless Network Watcher is a tool that scans your wireless network and displays the list of all computers and devices that are currently connected to your network. Each connected device has it’s own IP address, MAC address, device name and other information. Wireless Network Watcher scans all information and saves it in various formats such as text or HTML file.

Download Wireless Network Watcher  and Install it.

After Installation it will automatically Scans you Network and display Results. This result will display IP address, Device Name, MAC address and other Information. 

If you want to save result then Click on device and Press Ctrl+S .

Enjoy with Us and be Secured….!!


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