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Whatsapp Dare – Choose Alphabet Dare : This time, it Alphabet game, Choose any alphabet and perform dare which you will get in answers of dare. Send this Whatsapp alphabet dare to your lover, girlfriend, boyfriend with whome you want to have fun.

Choose Alphabet Dare

Just ask them to select a alphabet from A-Z and the according to selected alphabet tell them to set their Whatsapp status!!

A-I’m pregnant
B-ready to accept ur proposal
C-I’m in love with my friend’s lover
D-I am ugly
E-guess i forgot my heart with u,plz return it..I’m dying
F-my main hobby is eating
G-In a secret place with my love don’t disturb
H-i wish to b a in my next life
I-I like to put makeup
J- Do not speak to me ever again
K-I’m mental
L- Hate u all
M-I’m sexy
O-I’m a cheater
P-play boy/girl
Q-I’d like to u drink ur blood
R-in love
S-Bhaiso se nafrat
T-missing my ex lover
U-my bf/gf is in love with my best friend..
V-missing u
W-don’t message me
X-I’m getting married next year
Y-baby doll mai sona di
Z-I’m a Roudy

No cheating !
Go change ur status..let’s see who all r brave enough

Whatsapp Dare – Choose Alphabet Dare

Dare to choose ! Choose an alphabet and You have to do what it says..

Choose any alphabet from a to z and Reply only on the condition that you’ll do the one you get !


Answer :
#A Write something good on me with my name as your status ?
#B Rs.100 recharge on my phone ?
#C What kind of relationship do you want with me now ?
#D Write a whatsapp status for me for next 24 hours !
#E What you like the most in me ?
#F Rate me as a friend from 1 to 10 ?
#G Rs.220 recharge on my phone ?
#H Call me and sing a song 4 me !
#I Tell me your relationship status-Single,Committed,Complicated,Engaged,Married,Divorced
#J Tell something which you don’t like about me !
#K Tell me your boyfriend/girlfriend name.
#L Rate me in looks from 1 to 10
#M Write a whatsapp status for me for next 2 days ?
#N Make your status I Love You with my name
#O Share a secret with me !
#P Treat me a dinner !
#Q A habit or quality of mine that you don’t like
#R In next relationship, Would you like to have with me ?
#S Make my pic your dp (Display Pic) for next 24 hours
#T Buy one chocolate for me !
#U What is the name of your first crush ?
#V Treat me with a movie !
#W Like and comment on all my pics on Facebook ?
#X Tell me the name of your ex !
#Y Rs.60 recharge on my Phone
#Z Recharge net offer for me.

Choose Alphabet Dare

Select Alphabet from A to Z and I will ask you Truth and Dare questions, If you have Guts to play then reply.

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z

Answers :

A: Update your WhatsApp status as “I’m Mad”.

B: Send me a picture of your hands.

C: Flirt with me for next 15 minutes.

D: Recharge me for 100 Rs

E: Tell me the name of your crush.

F: Change your WhatsApp DP to my picture.

G: Say I Love You in a voice note.

H: Gift me a pair of shoes.

I: Propose me in your style.

J: Tell me a joke.

K: Send last 5 pictures from your camera roll.

M: Name of your Ex?

N: What is your relationship status.

O: Act as my Slave for next 10 days.

P: Don’t message me until you take a bath next time.

Q: Tell me one secret.

R: Describe our relationship with a movie name.

S: Sing a song and send it as a voice note.

T: What do you eat today?

U: What do you think about me when you met me for the very first time.

V: How much money do you have in your wallet now?

W: Say the Remaining balance in your mobile phone right now.

X: Send the screenshot of you phones home screen.

Y: Dance for 10 seconds and send me that video.

Z: Write “My Name” on your left hand and show me when we meet next time.

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