Always keep your system clean and fast . Whenever you create something this will create a temp file which will be stored in temp folder. This temp files should be deleted if they are not used . So remove unwanted and temp file which will make your computer faster.

How to Remove Unwanted files or Temp file

Go to Start –> Click on Run then one command prompt will open then Type  ” %temp% ” (without quotes ) then  click Ok . One folder will open with name Temp then select all or whichever file you want to remove  and delete them or press shift+delete to delete permanent .


There are lots of software to clean your temporary file and other unwanted files.But Most of the people use Ccleaner which is simple to use and automatically start when your system start and clean your temp folder,history and recycle bin and lots more . It also optimization and clean traces of online activity .

Download Ccleaner  

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