Cloud operating system is basically a browser-based operating system created by Good OS LLC. This company Initially launched a Linux distribution called gOS which is basically running on Ubuntu OS.
Cloud is an operating system that runs just a web browser, which provide access to variety of Web application. This operating system is basically designed for Notebook, PCs, Tablet and Smartphones. Cloud operating system as an power to combine a browser with a basic operating system which allow to use cloud computing operating system

This Cloud Technology allows Users to access their own desktop from anywhere around the world, User can easily access file, read, write and whatever they want to do they can do it from anywhere.

Top Free Cloud operating system

1. Glide OS

glide cloud osGlide OS 4.0 is a comprehensive Ad-Free cloud computing solution. Glide OS also Provide 30GBs of free storage. User can also upgrade it to premium account so that user can use more storage. Mostly premium accounts are used for Business Use, With Glide OS you also get the Glide Sync App which helps you to synchronize your home and work files.

2. ZeroPC

Zero pc cloud osZero PC is basically meant for Home or Personal use which provide only 1GBs free storage which is more then enough for Home User where there are only documents and other small files. Zero PC also provide synchronization to your Mobile device, Apps are available for Android, iPhone  and iPad. Zero PC turns your web Browser to desktop PC.

3. Jolidrive

Jolidrive osJolicloud is an free Cloud OS which allows you to get all social Networking and other apps together. User can Use thier favorite app together at any time from any where all over the world. Jolicloud  support more then 15K web Application .

4. eyeOS

eyecloud oseyeOS is the Open Source Cloud Computing  Web Desktop Application. eyeOS has Web Desktop which give access to modern desktop from any device such as  PCs, Tablet or Using any Smartphone. It also Provide Synchronization which sync your file with private cloud and your computer. Where you can work with your data Online or offline and eyeOS will keep everything Updated.

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