Today I will Teach you how to start a website and resources required to start a website. Your website will be your Brand and online business, So that you can start earning some $ in your Pocket. To Start any website you need to have Hosting and Domain Name. Hosting is the server where you have to upload your website on it and Domain name is the url where Visitors will redirect to your website.

how to make money online

Select Best Web hosting

Hosting Provider gives service like Web hosting where you host your website and upload your files on your host. Creating a website is very Easy but to maintain any website is very difficult task. Most of the Hosting Provider have Fantastico which gives one Click Installation for WordPress or any CMS. WordPress is one of the Famous Platform to create Blog and have many Plugins, Themes and very easy to customize and easy to install.

Free Web Hosting

NOTE :- If you are in learning Phase then use free hosting because you will learn how to host any any website.

Select a Domain

Domain name may be your Brand or name related to your website niche. Always Select a Domain name which is Shorter and easy to remember. I recommend you to register domain with .com or .net because search engine gives high preference for .com domain.

  1. Try Using a .Com
  2. Try to Contain Keyword
  3. Easy to Remember and easily spelled

Paid Domain registrars

Free Domain registrars

Monetizing your website

Once you developed your website second step is to monetize your website, so that you can earn some money. Monetizing your website their is one formulae, more the traffic you get to your website more you will be earning.

Google Adsense

To register an account on Google Adsense your web site must be at least 6 months old and have atleast 100 visits per day, then apply for adsence. It will take around 5-10 days to approve your Adsense account. Once visitors start coming to your website they also click on your ads and you will get money.

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