What is Drupal?

A free and open source Content Management System similar to WordPress. Drupal is Written in PHP which is more flexibililty for web developers. There are Thousands of add-on modules and designs so that you can build any site you can imagine.

drupal gardans

What is Drupal Gardens?

Drupal Gardens is a project started by Acquia, a Drupal community. It Uses Drupal 7, Allows users to develop websites within their web browser using ThemeBuilder. No software installation or server management necessary.

Are Thinking of Developing website Using Drupal CMS, then this tutorial will teach you how to Create Website using Drupal.

How to Create Website using Drupal

STEP 1 :- Goto drupalgardens and Click on Create a Free Site button.

Create Website using Drupal

STEP 2 :-  Now Fill all the Text fields such as  Site URL text box :- tatya.drupalgardens.com

STEP 3 :-  Enter a username and password respectively.

STEP 4 :- Enter your e-mail address in the Email Address text box.

STEP 5 :- In the Word Verification text box, type the letters in the text box and Click on Continue.

STEP 6 :- Now you have to choose a Proper template for your site, and also features, Blocks and Pages.

Drupal CMS Modules

STEP 7 :-  Select whichever Features and pages you want in your Website and Click on Create Site.

drupal website

STEP 8 :- Now it will start creating you website, So have to wait for 5-10 minutes and then check your Email and verify it.

drupal website

Congratulations! Your site is now published online. Now you can add content, change design of your website, add modules to it and much more features.

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