Now by this time everyone must be knowing about Siri and want to use it. Using Original Siri App is too good, This Siri is an online conversation which will show you demo how your conversation will look like in Apple. This trick is used to fool people, They will think as if you had brought Apple iPhone and you are using Siri on it. Most of the user got attracted to Apple iPhone 4S  just because of  Siri. Now Siri can also some small task like sending SMS, Calling friends (call Roger) it will automatically call Roger and get connected no need to search your friends phone no. and then calling, it’s easy and very simple to use.

This is Simple demo of Siri where you can see how the conversation is carried out between Siri and User. Just Goto Create your Siri Conversation  and Enter your conversation between  Siri and User (Me) . Format for conversation

Me: Siri my name is tatya
siri: So? Me: do you know ali baba
siri: ya….I think those are the students of T.E.I.T specially Shree,Radha, Sai, Sid and you too..

Create your Siri Conversation

Now Choose a Carrier whichever you want and Click on Create your Siri Conversation . Now it will generate  Siri Conversation Like this…. Now you can Share it or post it on any social Networking Site and can also save image on your PC. Just Right Click on Small Left side Conversation and select “Save image As” .

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