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Dare is waiting for u choose a number

Game time ?

….a dare is waiting for u! choose a nmbr. . .1?2?3?4?5?6?7?8?9?10?11?12?13?14?15?16?17?18?19?20?21?22?23?24?25?26?27?28?29?30?31?32?33?34?35?36?37?38?39?40?41?42?43?44?45?46?47?48?49?50?51?52?53?54?55?56?57?58?59?60?61?62?63?64?65?66?67?68?69?70?71?72?73?74?75?
Bt jo envelope me likha hoga wo
. karna pdega…

Jldi jldi cmt kro aapka dare nmbr…
Me aapko aapka dare deti hu


Answer :- 

1. Send ur cutest pic
2. Who was ur first luv..?
3.Tell ur crush name
4. Give me 10 kisses when we meet
5. What’s ur deepest secret?
6. Recharge for 50
7. Put my pic as ur dp for one day
8. send ur pic what r u doing now
9.Put your status for a day saying “I am mad”
10.told me.1 thing about u..
11.write my name on ur status
12. Send me ur crush photo .
13. Call me continuously for 30 days to wish gud mrng nd gud nyt?
14. Ice cream treat.
15. Be my slave for 2 days.
16. Give me two cadbury choc
17. write my name on ur status sayng u are committed with me
18.Call me nd tell I LOVE YOU
19. I can ask u any 3 questions and u hav to ans. Each of them.
20. Write ur n my name in ur status for 1 day wid love u!
21. Send me a picture of when u were a lil baby
22. make my nd ur pics collag and put it as ur dp with dazzling status
23. tell me one thing you have never told anyone
24. Tell me something you always wanted to say but you couldn’t
25. Tell me a secret about you 😀
26. Tell me a secret about ur relationship?
27. How do u describe me atleast sixteen lines
28.Send a voice note saying that u love me.:
29. .seduce me 2do something 😉
30. Describe me in one word.?
31. make a dp of u and a guy wid u.. Bt he shud nt b ur bf.
32.give me a treat
33.Send me ur best frnds number
34. what are ur feelings about me?
35. send a pic of ur crush
36.Put your status for a day saying “I ❤the first letter of your lover”
37. Dedicate a song for me in your status?
38. Don’t talk to me for 1day :O.
39. Give me 100 hearts saying u love me
40 cl me n say my name loudly
41. ask me a que
42. What’s ur deepest secret?<3
43. Send me a voice note my name in a loud voice! Evn your siblings doubt ? regarding what you are doing
44. Voice clip send ur gona crazy
45. Set my Name as a Status.for a day .?
46. be my enemy for 2 days
47. What would u want our relation to be?
48. Write ur phone number in ur status
49. Send me ur which is totally crazy
50. tell me one thing you have never told anyone  B)
51. what’s on ur mind..
52. Call me now…
53. Tell me ur figure
54. Give me a big treat
55. Dance n share tat video .
56. Write my phone no. In ur status
57. Dedicate a song for me.
58. Describe me in one word..
59. Describe me in a line
60. My c hem
68. Most romantic scene u have ever seen. ..
69. Give me a call and say you love me and you have to repeat it for 2 days..
70. Write my name in ur status with 
71. Any song which reminds you abt me
72. Any character which reminds you abt me
73. Where would you like to meet me..?
74. Whenever u meet give me a hug..
75. Whenever u meet me give me a kiss..

Dare Game

?I am bck vid a new daring game!! chuz any 1❤nd letz c wat happns????
?B creful b4 chusing coz itz totaly a new version of daring game??
and dares shud b positively done!!!!! ?


??Taadaaa!!!?So dse r some dares dat u have to perform!!! ?B ready!! Nd yes remember dt u cant back out as u hav chosen to play ds game!!!!!HAVE FUN!!?
1❤-Send a selfie of urs.?
2❤-Make my name as ur status saying dat u .want to marry me.?
3❤.Perform 1,10 and 8.??
4❤-Sing ur fav song or dedicate a song to me as a voice clip.?
5❤- Make a collage of our photos and make it as ur dp!
6❤-Who is ur latest crush and d reasn behind it??
7❤- Do all dares?
8❤-Be my gf/bf fo 2 days!!?
9❤- What do u feel about me???
10❤-propose me
11❤-Write i love u 958 tyms and send it to me!?
12❤-click a selfie of urs and send me ?
13❤- Send me a voice clip spkng about me atlst for 3mins.?
14❤-Send me a voice clip saying dat u r suffering from loose motion and in d end make sound as if ur r farting!?
15❤-Flirt me!!?
16❤-click a shirtles pic and send it to me(fo boys) and fo grls make a funny hair stlye,click a pic and snd it to me??
17❤-Send me kisses in a voice clip.??
18❤-Tell me whch brand  garments u wear.
19❤-click ur pic showing ur tongue lyk goddes kali and make it ur dp for 3 days.?
20❤-Keep my pic  as ur dp wid a status saying-“baby i love u more n more”..Oh yes i love u!!!?


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