Google+ notification which sends you to your Email and at your Phone Via SMS .Now you can disable this Google+ notification and they will stop sending you mail and sms .If you are getting all rubbish emails and sms from google+ such as your freiend had tag you in photo or Comments on a photo I am tagged in this may full your inbox with Unread mark. By Default Google+ select all Users .You can easily stop notification from Google+ follow these  Simple Steps .

Disable Google+ Notification

STEP1:- Login to your Google Account and Click on Account Settings 

STEP2:- Go to Google+ and Select it now you can your phone no. if you have not added to enable notification via sms.

STEP3:- Now go to Receive notifications then select Notify me by email or SMS when someone Posts, Adds me to a circle, Tags me in a photo and all. Select check box if you want notification Via Email or SMS .

It will automatically save your settings and Enjoy Google+.


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