Just being around an Dog decreases your blood pressure, which is one physical measure of stress. Dog lowers a person’s blood pressure reading, this has been found to be true with other animals as well. In fact, you don’t even need to touch them. Just looking is enough: Watching fish in an aquarium has the same effect. Dogs are the most loyal species on planet earth. They are considered man’s best friend.

Dogs are affectionate, lovable creatures who just wanna hang out. If you are good, kind, and patient, they’ll love you forever. Not only do dogs provide companionship, but they also encourage interactions with other humans. Whether at the dog park or walking on the street, you’re more likely to engage with others.


Dog protect you and your family and property even if you don’t teach them anything; because they don’t and can’t speak, but they express emotions better than humans; because they live a shorter life but love you unconditionally and all they want is love and some good food and good life !!

If the minds of animals could be read, nothing but truth will be found

Dogs are big-hearted creatures than humans. They think with their hearts rather than brains like us humans, they are far more loyal than humans.

People have been suggesting exercise as a way of dealing with stress and depression for a long time, and there’s good that dog owners walk more often and take longer walks. So dog owners on average get more exercise.

Once a person has gotten to know a dog, they will have no choice but to love them. However, people who are selfish, self centered, may never be able to look into the eyes of a dog and see the love.

People with Dogs are less likely to say they feel loneliness, which is one common source of stress.

Every day when you return from  office you have somebody anticipating  your return badly and you know that is your Dog. The way they seek your attention, affection makes you realize that Dogs love for you is something out of this world. They just love you & they expect only your Love in return. Benefits of having a dog, including reducing stress, being more active, and promoting social connection.

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