Borland Turbo C is a C + + compiler that was developed by Borland with an integrated IDE. For any Programmer the base is to study C Programming and that will Clear all the Concepts of Programming, Because C programming is the Base of every Programming Language.

Borland Turbo C Compiler

There are many other Compiler to Run C program Like Turbo C, Turbo C + + , Turbo Basic, Turbo Prolog and Turbo Pascal. You can Run your C program on any one of this Compiler. In Every College If you want to Learn Programming then they will teach you C programming and C++ because it’s a base of all Programming language. All Programming Languages are dependent on one another, they are having same Logic but syntax will Change. And Learning C programming is very easy Just Install Borland Turbo C compiler and Start Running your Programs.

Download Borland Turbo C for windows 7

STEP 1:- Download Borland Turbo C  and Extract it on your Desktop.

STEP 2:- Download DOSBox DOS Emulator or Visit Official Website 

STEP 3:- Now Install DOSBox on your Computer, Just Double Click on Setup File.

dosbox Installation

STEP 4:-  Now Click on Next

DOSbox Installation

STEP 5:- Click on Install and  Just Check the Path it should be in C Drive (No need to change it will automatically detect)

STEP 6:- It will Start Installing and after Installation open Borland Turbo C  Folder from your Desktop.

STEP 7:-  Open tc folder  (Borland Turbo C >> tc) and Click on Install

install turbo C

STEP 8:- Now Turbo C installation Utility will open and Just select First option Install Turbo C on Hard Disk


STEP 9:- Enter the Source Drive, Just Change it to C because your Turbo C Files are in C drive.

installing turbo c

STEP 10:- Now Click on Start Installation 

installing turbo c

STEP 11:- Now Turbo C has been successfully Installed, Just Press any Key to Continue.

download turbo c for windows 7

STEP 12:- Now you can Run any C program on Borland Turbo C compiler.

This is an Simple C program to test the Turbo C Compiler

#include <stdio.h>
int main()
printf(” My Name is Nilkanth “);
return 0;

Write this Code on your Borland Turbo C compiler

simple c program compile

Now Press f8 to Run and F9 to Compile the Code and you will get Output.

output of c program


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