whatsapp is one of the Most Popular Messenger for Mobile Phones. Well it’s free for 1 year as a trial period, and then you will have to pay RS. 53.19 for 1 year Subscription annually. Don’t Worry Today I will show you how to extend whatsapp trial period for next 1 Year.

Once Your 1 year is finished whatsapp gives you 1 month extension to make payment. You can Check your Status of your whatsapp Account when it will get expire, Go to Settings >> Account >> Payment Info and Check your Service expiration date.

How To Extend Whatsapp free Trial Period

STEP 1 :- Open your whatsapp and Goto Settings >> Account >> Delete My Account.whatsapp delete my account

STEP 2 :- Enter your mobile number and press Delete My Account

STEP 3 :- Now your trial period is gone but you are no more on whatsapp.

STEP 4 :- Open your whatsapp again and register you mobile Number again as you have done it before by entering and confirming your phone number.


You can Uninstall whatsapp and download it again from Store and follow the above Procedure.

STEP 5 :- After succesfull registration, Check your Service expiration date. It will be Extended by one more year free.

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