Recently Facebook have changed their Timeline to New Interface, wherein you can add cover photo. Using Tools you can enhanced your cover Photo so that you can Impress your friend. Here are some of the tools to customize your Facebook Cover photo.

Tools to Customize Facebook Cover Photo

#1. CoverPhotoFinderfacebook-cover

CoverPhotoFinder gives you option to try different types of cover on your timeline. Choose a cover picture from the wide variety of pictures ranging from animals, funny, nature and many more, you can also upload your cover pic if you have any.

#2. Timeline Cover Bannerfb-cover-tool

Timeline Cover Banner is best tool to personalized banner for your Facebook Cover. It is one of the best tool available in the internet to generate your creative and exclusive timeline banner to impress all of your friends.

#3. facecoverzfacebook-covers

FaceCoverz is the best source to get high quality & cool Covers for your Facebook Timeline profile. If you are looking for the best Facebook Covers with a large selection, you can goto FaceCoverz. Facebook Covers well organized in different categories so it make easy to you.

#4. PicScatterfb-cover

PicScatter is an web tool to customize your FB cover photo, you can create fragments of pictures, and upload it as you Facebook Cover. Choose the best pictures of yourself, your friends and family and generate a beautiful picture.

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