How to integrate Firebase in Ionic Project with AngularFire

Ionic is an HTML5 SDK that helps you build native-feeling mobile apps using web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Ionic is built with Cordova, it contains the Cordova file structure to package HTML/CSS/ JavaScript into applications.

Ionic is built on the top of Angular to provide the user interface. Ionic uses AngularJS for providing app. Ionic is free and easy to use. Ionic is an open source, cross platform framework used to develop hybrid mobile apps.

Building a Ionic Firebase App

Firebase is a real-time database. Firebase is used to store and sync data with NoSQL cloud database. Firebase is a fully managed platform for building iOS, Android and web pages. Firebase has various features like cloud messaging, Authentication, Cloud Firestore, storage, Hosting, Crashlytics, Test lab etc. Firebase has a feature of data synchronization which helps in updating any changes in milliseconds.

Benefits of Integrating Firebase to Ionic

  • Without any backend code modification, all the data changes are published to clients immediately.
  • Authentication in firebase is very easy. It supports simple e-mail and password, Google, Facebook, Twitter based logins.
  • In Firebase all data is stored and retrieved in the form of JSON objects.
  • All firebase data is offline-enabled, so an application can be fully functional in disconnected mode.
  • Google Firebase Database is NoSQL database. Rather than building REST API to connect client to database, with firebase we can make use of SDK to do the same purpose.
  • It is fast and it automatically refreshes the data whenever updated.

Why to choose Firebase for App Development

It is based on Real-time database which helps to store and sync data between clients. This helps for the developers to access the data using any of the device and it also helps in developing collaborative feature. Google Analytics helps your app data to BigQuery. Firebase offers the facility of crash reporting to fix bugs. The firebase SDK provides log crashes that save much of your time as you don’t have to find the cause of the problem.

Firebase hosting helps to deliver the content rapidly anywhere. Authentication supports login facility and the developers aims to simplify and secure it better. Firebase also allows the storage. It is easier to store the data that includes texts, images and videos.

Firebase provides the facility of Machine Learning. The ML kit has ready to use APIs for various mobile functionalities such as detecting the face, identifying the text, barcode scanning and labelling images etc. Firebase cloud messaging offers to send notifications and messages.

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