Smart Meter is an Android App which will recharge your Mobile with Rs.100/- per month. Join a SmartPhone research panel and earn money. You earn $3 for every month SmartMeter continues running. SmartMeter  will pay you to share with them how you use your phone – Rs.100/- FREE Mobile Topup every month. Currently, this offer is only for Indian Users. After an year you will be provided with Gift card code from

Install  Smart Meter  and Run it continuously on your Android Phone.  After Installation they will ask you to register on smartphonemate and automatically it will start Running.

NOTE:- Please Ensure that your GPRS Pack or any other Internet service Provider such as Wi-Fi can be used.

You will be surely receiving Rs. 100 per Month Topup.

Download Smart Meter

I am Using Smart Meter for last 6 month and every month I get Rs. 100 Topup for them. You don’t have to do anything in this Application Just have to Install this app and You Internet should be connected for atleast 1 hour. Enjoy Free recharge on your Mobile and Stay Tune with Us.

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