This big ideas which will change the Tomorrow’s technology, happening today. Trust me this Technology will rule the future technology for giving analytical solutions and improving the business quality for more production.


Internet of Things

The Internet of Things “Internet of Objects” “Machine-to-Machine Era” “Internet of Everything”. The Internet of Things, also called The Internet of Objects, refers to a wireless network between objects, usually the network will be wireless and self-configuring, such as household appliances.  

Internet of Things refers to the concept that the Internet is no longer just a global network for people to communicate with one another using computers, but it is also a platform for devices to communicate electronically with the world around them.” –Center for Data and Innovation

The term “Internet of Things” has come to describe a number of technologies and research disciplines that enable the Internet to reach out into the real world of physical objects. Enabling Technologies RFID To identify and track the data of things Sensor To collect and process the data to detect the changes in the physical status of things Smart Tech To enhance the power of the network by devolving processing capabilities to different part of the network. Nano Tech To make the smaller and smaller things have the ability to connect and interact.

Machine learning

• How did our brain process the images?

• How did the grouping happen?

• Human brain processed the given images – learning

• After learning the brain simply looked at the new image and compared with the groups classified the image to the closest group – Classification

• If a machine has to perform the same operation then we have to use Machine Learning

• We write programs for learning and then classification, this is nothing but machine learning

Learning and writing an algorithm, It’s easy for human brain but it is tough for a machine. It takes some time and good amount of training data for machine to accurately classify objects.


It is not a technology or a process. but an outcome of secure, trusted relationships and engagement between the enterprise and its employees, partners and customers. Influenced by how information and data assets are secured and leveraged. At the core of the brand. The future of the digital enterprise depends on its ability of security that enables digital trust. Firewalls and encryption top the list of the most important technologies deployed today to combat cyber threats.


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