Finally Google Chrome had launched beta version of  Google Chrome 18 .  Google Chrome developer has Just  updated beta version 18.0.1003.1  Chrome 18 has not changed any visual interface but it has changed some security problem and has fixed stability bugs. Chromium Users must have already running  Chromium 18 . Google Chrome 17 has been released in beta a few months ago  and they have finally released beta version of  Google Chrome 18. Google Chrome 18  comes with latest version of Java Script Engine and had made improvement in security like  Rejecting weak RSA and DSA keys when validating certificate chains for HTTPS this will help for strong Security by rejecting weak RSA and DSA. Google Chrome 18  has also added manifest_version attribute Support for extension and also eliminating drawing glitch, Fixed Page zoom bug for plug-in documents and had also fixed race condition which is used while installing the extenstion.

If you are using earlier Dev version of  Google Chrome then your browser will automatically get updated to the latest version of  Google Chrome.If your not using Google Chrome then download it and enjoy fast and secured browsing with major fixes and improvement .

[Download  Google Chrome 18 for Windows, MacOSX and Linux]

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