Google Chromecast is a media streaming adapter produced by Google. It looks similar to Pendrive we Just have to plugs into the HDMI port of an TV and It will connect your Device Such as Laptop Over Wi-Fi and will Start streaming audio. You can Stream Video on your LED/LCD TV which support HDMI port  either on Google Chrome web browser from your Laptop or Personal Computer or from your Mobile Device. Chromecast Price In India will be Above Rs. 2000 approximately ~Rs. 2300

Now with Chromecast you can easily enjoy your favorite online entertainment on your TV Such as Live TV shows, music, movies from YouTube,  Netflix and Google Chrome.chromecast-India

Chromecast will have to connect to your TV using HDMI port and also it require Power supply Via USB Power adapter.

Features of  Chromecast

  • Google Chromecast Works with Android, Google Chrome web browser and ios Devices
  • Stream online TV shows, music, movies on your TV using your smartphone or laptop
  • Easy To setup :- Just Plug into HDMI port of TV and connect to your WiFi network

You Can Buy Chromecast (Price $35 ) from Online Stores Like Google Play, Amazon, Best Buy.

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