Schemer is an  Activity Recommendation Engine  an group of  Google engineers who wanted to help people to do fun in real world .Internet is full of fun and time pass . A schemer is service for sharing and discovering things to do . In schemer share your moment and what you will be doing . Schemer allows you  to share your  activity and schemer is also being integrated with Google+. Google is trying to keep your friends together by sharing your moment with your friends.

At present schemer is in Beta version so some one should invite you without inviting you can’t join Schemer and if any one needs Schemer invitation please comment with your email address i will surely send you invitation.

Google Schemer is a part of the Google+ and they will be also launching an app for schemer soon. Schemer let you discover new things with your friends and sharing schemer with your friends . Most Important about Schemer is you don’t have to put your information Schemer will automatically takes all your information from Google+  your profile pic and  name from Google+ account . So don’t worry Just log-in  with your Google+ account  and start using Google Schemer . If you don’t have Google + account then create it Now .  NOTE:-Schemer has been reserved for just 20 member So please  comment with your email address.

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