Google is One of the Most Popular Search Engine all over the world, Ruling Half of the Internet with their Products  such as Gmail, Android and many other Products. Google has been wining Hearts of most of the Internet Users by Providing free Service for User. Google is one of the Best Search Engine because Whenever we want to search something about Someone, we often turn to Google.

Most Popular Services Provided by Google are Google Image Search, Google video Search (Youtube), Google Books, Google Chrome Latest is Samsung Chrome Book, Google Mail (Gmail).

                               Google Key Success Factors

1. Scalability

  • Ability to easily Grow at Marginal Cost
  • Applied to infrastructures ability to adapt it’s size to high load & volume.
  • Applied to business Models : Ability to monetize Millions of Users.

2. Openness

  • The Traditional walled garden Media strategy becomes irrelevant.
  • Content and Services must be open and interoperable to favor  audience circulation.

3.Network Effects

  • The Utility of a good or a service varies with the number of users.
  • The reach of a critical mass of users Constitutes a significant barrier to the entry.

4. Data Mining

  •  The web offers the opportunity to exploit and analyze a very large amount of data.
  • User behavior can be analyzed to create Monetizing Value.

5. Business Model

  • Advertising is not a market but a business Model
  • Any Market that attract advertising is a target for Google.

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