Meet with Abhay Shiravanthe, Founder of Adopt Pals

Question: Today we have with us Abhay, Founder of Adopt Pals. Could you tell us more about Adopt Pals?

Hello everyone. I am Abhay from Adopt Pals. We started with the only motive of spreading the message of pet adoption all over Goa (and yes! All over the world as well.) We are a small team of pet lovers working diligently towards our motive. We wish to see every dog having a loving home irrespective of his/her breed.

Question: How and why did you feel like starting up something like Adopt Pals?

I have two dogs back at home. Being a pet lover, I joined many groups on social media to keep myself in the company of like-minded pet lovers. Over time, I realized the vicious cycle of buying and selling of pets. I don’t deny the fact that I too looked upon the dog breed when I had my dogs, Bruni and Nano. I was ignorant at that time. But today when I saw that the pets were picked up only after confirming their breed, I grew hysterical. The puppies of Indian Pariah dogs received comments like ‘so sweet’, ‘so cute’ but no takers while those of Labradors, Boxers and others were ‘I want this one’, ‘Can I take it home?’. I have witnessed some arguments about why a person chose one family over the other. We live in the times where the value of every single thing you buy is determined by its brand. Be it clothes or your pet. ‘Ah! They have got a rottweiler.’, ‘They paid 15k for that beagle’. In this process of showing off your wealth, don’t you think we have long forgotten the essence of having a pet? We, Adopt Pals, are here to make people remember it. LOVE is what binds us to our pets and not their breed.

Question: What exactly does Adopt Pals do?

We know that our motive is far bigger than we can imagine. We are taking baby steps towards achieving it. We currently facilitate pet adoption. Whether you are looking to adopt a pet or are interested in giving up your pets for adoption, you can contact us. We share the news of the adoption in our small yet rapidly-growing community of pet lovers. We help the homeless pets find love and a forever home. This is just a first step towards making world a better place for animals. We have many other plans for the future.

Question: I am an ardent follower of Adopt Pals on Facebook. Let us share your social media links with our readers.

We are really thankful to you. We always try to keep our followers engaged in our cause. We are currently active on our Facebook page and Instagram profile. We have also recently created a group on Facebook named All About Pets – Adopt Pals for pet lovers. You can very well call it as a forum to share news related to pets, discuss pet health and much more. You will see a lot of activity happening on our social media in the coming days. We are going to announce some exciting contests shortly.

Question: I heard that the website building of Adopt Pals is in progress. When are you planning to launch it?

Yes, indeed! We have been working on our website since a long time. But due to our day jobs and other engagements, we were not able to devote complete attention to it. However, we churned out time from our ever-busy schedules and worked on the website. The development work is complete. It’s all ready to go live.

Question: We would like to know how the website is going to simplify this entire process of pet adoption.

All this while, we have been attending to all the requests verbally. There have been times when there was delay in communication and misinterpretations. Our website is going to simplify this process 10x times. Every pet lover is going to have a login account which he can use to either list a pet for adoption or request to adopt a pet or both. In addition to this, he can read informative articles on our blog. We will also have a section for missing pets. We will try our best to help you find your pet. If a person doesn’t want to create an account yet wants to read our blog, he can subscribe to our blog. We will ensure that every post that is published on our blog is delivered right into your email inbox.

All this is just Phase-1 of our website. We have some more amazing plans for Phase-2 and likewise.

Question: What are we going to see happening with Adopt Pals in the coming months?

We have laid down a roadmap with milestones for Adopt Pals. We are constantly striving to make Adopt Pals today a lot better than what it was yesterday. It is true that we have started small but our vision is wider. I would not reveal much. But I would like to mention that Adopt Pals is going to make a significant contribution towards the betterment of animals. We don’t want any animal to be labelled as ‘stray’, ‘homeless’ or ‘abandoned’. We will do our best to make this happen!

Question: We support you in this noble cause. We wish you all the luck in making Adopt Pals a huge success.

Thank you, Neelkanth. It was amazing to be here and present our initiative to your readers. We thank you for this opportunity.

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