Good web design is one of the most effective growth tools for an e-commerce business. Every aspect of an e-commerce business, from company’s logo to the website’s appearance and usability and marketing brochures, must be smartly designed to maximize the user experience. Conversely, poor design can kill any business. 6 ways to improve design to boost sales of product.  Optimizing website load speeds. High-performance websites results in high return visits,low bounce rates, higher conversions, Engagement,higher ranks in organic search,and better user experience.Slow websites will cost in money and damaged reputation. By reducing the page load time will positively impact marketing and sales processes. It helps in getting higher traffic and attract more qualified leads that can be converted into costumers use.  Targeting existing customers with remarketing ads and email campaigns. Launching a new product can be challenging. Whenever a new product is launch,it is always better to target the existing customer to show what’s new in the store,because if they hadn’t visited the website, the chances are they wouldn’t have known about the new release. It’s more cost-effective to sell to existing customers than it is to acquire new ones. If you want to grow your e-commerce business quickly, focus on some of the marketing efforts on gaining repeat sales from the current customers. Two great strategies for engaging with existing customers are remarketing ads and email campaigns.  Optimizing website for mobile access. In order to provide the rapid growing base of mobile web users with an optimal experience, more and more website owners are pursuing mobile-friendly responsive websites and mobile web development to ensure that their website is optimized for smartphone display. Advantages of optimized website mobile access are: • Improves users experience. • Fast download speed. • Improved search performance. • Portability and connectivity. • Integration with offline media.  Harnessing the power of Digital Marketing. Digital marketing is the advancement of any organisation or brand using one or more of the digital channels, such as email,cellular phones,social networks and the like. For businesses with big plans and small budgets, this type of marketing has many benefits. Benefits of harnessing the power of digital marketing: • Build up more engaging relationships. • Getting real time results. • Cost effective.  Recovering abandoned shopping carts to boost sales. There are numerous benefits to recovering abandond carts. First, it helps increase sales. Getting a customer into a sales funnel is cheaper than trying to find a new customer to market to. Retargeting ads tend to be affordable, and cart abandonment emails are another cost-effective solution to boost the sales. Second, when abandoned carts is recovered it enables to determine the cause of lower sales. If a product discount is effective at recovering abandoned carts, the product pricing might be too high for the average customer. If customers from the same country keep abandoning their cart then the shipping costs may be too high. So,a free shipping threshold offer is need to use to make the product affordable for international customers.  Social proof to build customer confidence. Social proof is the impact that the activities and standpoints of the people around us have on our own behaviour. The idea is that if other people are doing it, it must be correct and righteous. A Consumerist study shows that 70 percent of online customers check product reviews before they decide whether or not they should buy a product . In fact, consumers trust product reviews 12 times more than they trust product desciptions. Types of social proof :  From Customers – Comes from the existing costumers and can appear in the form of testimonials and case studies.  By Experts – Social proof that comes from valid experts in an industry, and from experts that uses that product.  Refferals from Friends – Friends encouraging other friends to purchase a product or sign up a service.  Rating and Reviews – Testimonials,experiences of previous customers and ratings.  Social Media Proof – Social media following, social media posts, social media posts, social presenceand engagement.  Certification -Proof that comes from a trustworthy organisation or source that certifies as an expert in any industry. -PERNYTHA ROY]]>

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