We can easily get approved for Google Adsense Account but it’s very difficult to get approved for Google Adsense Premium Account Only thing we need is hard work and Patience. Google Adsense Premium Account has many features as compared to normal Google Adsense Account and also they pay much more for same number of clicks for Premium member. How to get Google Adsense Premium Account

Requirement to get Approved for  Premium Account

  1. Your Website should get  huge traffic  on daily basis such as 10k visitors per day.

  2. Your Website should get More than 20 millions  page-views.

  3. Your Website should be running on Top level domain such as .com not on sub domain.

  4. Your Website should get 5 millions search queries per month

  5. Your Website should get 10 million visitors in month

  6. Last but not least fresh quality content

Benefits Of Getting Premium Adsense Account

  1. Higher click rate so higher revenue

  2. Premium ads on your sites

  3. No limit for number of ads per page

  4. 24 x 7 Business Support for Premium member

  5. Higher quality of ads

Here are some of the sites which I have seen using Adsence Premium account :- Labnol.org, About.com, MakeUseOf.com etc.

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