The Latest Version of Linux fedora 17, which has upgraded their hardware support accelerated 2D graphics and Encryption Technique.  fedora 17 gives best stability and performance. fedora 17 had made slightly different look and offers varying levels of customization. fedora 17 is totally free operating system Just Download it and Install it on your System.

Key Features of  Fedora 17

* Mozilla Firefox 12

* Improved Network Manager

* Improved Power Management

* PHP 5.4

* Boost 1.48

* SSSD-Sudo integration

* SSSD AutoFS integration

* JDK 7 as the default Java Runtime Environment


–> Download 32 bit Fedora 17

–> Download 64 bit Fedora 17

How to Install Fedora 17

STEP1 :- Download Fedora 17  from their official site .

STEP2 :- Burn the iso file to CD or DVD using iso burner or mount it on pendrive Using Unetboot

STEP3 :-  Now Restart your System and open Boot Menu by pressing ‘f12’ or ‘f2’ or ‘Delete’ and select appropriate option such as for pendrive select removable drive and for CD select CD/DVD ROM.

STEP4 :- Always select Live Drive this will keep your existing operating system unchanged otherwise it will delete everything from your system.

STEP5 :- Click on “Install to Hard drive” icon on the workspace.

STEP6 :- Click on next when the installer starts and then select your keyboard layout as U.S English because our keyboard is standard to US standard.

STEP7 :- Give any Host Name to your Computer and Click on Next.

STEP8 :- Select your Time Zone and Click Next.

STEP9 :- Now give your Password and Confirm it for security purpose.

STEP10 :- Installation require Partition of Hard Disk, Select how much space to be used and which drive to be used for installation. You can also create your own custom Layout such as replacing existing Linux or Using entire drive.

STEP11 :- Choose one which suits you the most and click next, Confirm by clicking on ‘write changes to disk’.

STEP12 :- Now it will Start Installing and wait for some time to get it complete.

STEP13 :- Reboot and Make all changes which are require such and change of date and Time. STEP14 :- Enter Password and get Login to new world of fedora 17.

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