How To Make Money Online :- Earning Money Online is one of the easiest way but you should know the ways to make money online, Today I will Show you How I Earn money online since last two years. To Earn money online there are many ways but you should select only one in which you are good in it such as Blogging which is one of the common method of earning money online. In making money online one term is very Important which is known as Time, You require Time and hard work (effort) to make money online. Each and every person in this world is talented only thing is to show the whole world about your talent. If you are having Talent but don’t want to work hard, all your Talent is wasted. Your talent and money is the key factor to show the whole world and gain Respect in this world.

How to make money onlineHere are some of the ways to make money online :-

Make Money Online From Blogging

Blogging is one of the common way of earning online, You have seen many Blogs which earns some money from their Blog. Blogging is the Time consuming Process which require time to generate traffic from search Engine and then Applying for Google Adsence then they should approve your Blog. Any business need some time to grow and blogging is the similar type of business which need time to make money. You can easily create your blog from free Platform such as one of the best platform for bloggers. Now Create your own Blog and write some quality content.

Make Money Online From Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular Social Networking Site, Now you can use this site to earn some money. There are many ways to earn money using facebook such as creating Page with huge Likes and having active Visitors on that page, Creating Facebook Application and affiliate marketing such as selling products so that you will get some commission from that product. To earn money from Facebook you need to develop creating thinking and ways to attract online visitors towards your product.

Make Money Online By Small Jobs

This is similar to Blogging but only difference is in earning Money, In Blogging you will earn money in months such as two-three months are required to earn money but in this case you will earn money per month. In this their are very small Jobs such as Promotion of facebook pages, Creating Accounts, Commenting on different sites etc.

Here are some of the Sites which I have used to Earn Money, This Sites will give you small task which has to be completed in return they will Pay you.



Make Money Online By creating Product & giving Services

Creating Product and selling them online is one of the best way to Make money, for this you need to have skills for creating Product and need to satisfy customer by giving service for that product. One of the best way to earn money from your Product by using this is one of the affiliate network which will Promote your Product and you will earn Money.

Make Money Online Through Affiliate Marketing

Once you get attached to earn money online you will automatically Learn Affiliate Marketing, For every product selling sites Like flipkart they have their Affiliate Market where in you have to sell their Product and you will get commission from that Product. Their are separate Affiliate Account which will stat your earning report with your Affiliate Link.

Here are some of the affiliate products provider websites:-


–> Clickbank

–> eBay

–> Flipkart

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Make Money Online By Writing Articles

Every Person is having Talent in one or the other field, Why you should keep that knowledge with yourself only, You should share it with the whole world which is looking for your knowledge. In the beginning you will find it difficult but after writing few articles you will get to it.

The whole Internet is of Content Marketing and Information Sharing, Hence you write your quality content and Live it, If your content is good you will get Hugh Traffic and hence you will earn money. This is similar to blogging, Only thing is in Blogging you need to give some time for Earning and in Writing Articles you just have to write article in which you are crazy. For Making Money online Blogging is the Primary Step which you should know it properly.

Here are some website for Writing Articles Just sign up and start Writing in your domain.

Make Money Online As a Freelancer

Freelancer is one the best way to make money online, Online thing you need to have is experience in any IT industry to work as freelancer. Freelancer is like company give their projects such as creating any application or creating Plug-in to need to finish your project and have to submit and they will pay you for their project. Freelancer is a great Platform to work from Home or from any place only thing is that you must be expert in your field and should have talent and experience to do it.



Make Money Online By Selling Your Photos

Now a days there are many Smartphones which comes with all features which are included in professional camera specially Lumia series from Nokia. Now you can sell your Photos in Market. Only thing is you have some creativity and art of Photography. Here I am having some Website where you can sell your photos and can earn some money in your pocket.

Make Money Online By Taking Surveys

Survey programs helps many companies to take feedback from users and customers, Big Companies want to know what people Likes and what they are using and what will help them. Such as they will ask questions for user “Which is the best smartphone” your answer will help company for production and planning So that they will produce product which are in demand by users.

Here are some of the survey sites which will help you to Earn Money

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