How to Optimize Torrent Download Speed :- If you want to download Movies or any other stuff or Big files like software and all other data, Torrent is the Best place to download all this stuff. You Just need to have torrent Client like utorrent, bittorrent, vuze etc. I recommend you to Use only utorrent because it is sweet and small in size. Always Select torrent which has Good Health, whenever you are going to download torrent look for Seeder and Leechers.

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How to Optimize Torrent Download Speed

Disk Cache

The Disk Cache is used to keep frequently accessed data in memory to reduce no. of reads and writes to hard disk.

Go to Options -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Disk Cache and modify the value for “Override the automatic cache size and specify the size manually (MB)” to 1800.

optimize torrent download speed

Bandwidth and connections

Maximum upload rate == 7920
Upload rate rate when not downloading == 5000
Global Maximum number of connection == 1200
Maximum number of connected peers per torrent == 200
Number of Upload slot per torrent == 25

how to increase torrent bandwidth

 Data which receive from internet on your computer enters through ports and ISP uses different ports for torrent traffics. So it’s better to use randomize port which will automatically select port which will give better downloading Speed.

torrent connection speed

This Simple tweak and tips will Increase your downloading Speed, Change your Setting and optimize your torrent client to speed up your download.


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