How to Run C / C++ Programs in Android

C  is a basic Programming Language where you learn how programs are compiled and  executed. Now Android smartphones are  like Mini-computer where you can do whatever you do on your computer at home but main difference is portable .If you are Geek about Programming then defiantly i am sure you would like this App.Programming Languages Don’t have any sets of Rules which must be followed you can create you own program with different Logic .So using this C & C++ Compiler you can compile any program anywhere at anytime on your mobile.

C / C++ Compiler

  1. Interpreter compiler c c++
  2. Script android education IDE
  3. Simple C/C++ compiler / interpreter for educational purpose.
  4. Part of  C language is implemented.

[Download C / C++ Compiler]

C4droid (C/C++ compiler)

C4droid is an Compiler for Android which can run and execute C & C++ Programs .

[Download C4droid ]

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