Windows is of the most popular Operating system which is easy to use but don’t gives Top level security so if we want to have high level security to our system then we have to Install Linux or Mac which gives high level security from Viruses and malware but we must have been familiar with windows applications like Google chrome, Internet Explorer, power point and Photoshop which are unable to install in Linux and Mac operating system and most of the time we use this Application for our business. Windows application scores Over Linux and Mac. 

Play On Linux 

PlayOnLinux is a free software which allows Users to install windows application on Linux operating system. This Tool uses Wine Software which simplifies installation based on windows application.  Wine is the tool which allows user to install and run windows application on Linux, PlayOnLinux is based on same principle but PlayOnLinux is easy to use then Wine. PlayOnLinux is available for all distribution and free to use.

[Download Play On Linux ]

Play On Mac

PlayOnMac is a free software which allows Users to install and use games and software which as been design for windows operating system. Play On Mac just changes the platform to run windows application Mac Operating System without having Licence of windows. PlayOnMac uses Bash and Python.

[Download Play On Mac ]

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