Impress a Girl On Whatsapp Chat : Honestly, girls are smart and incessant texting is probably the quickest way to make them run in the opposite direction. Girls like effort and unfortunately texting doesn’t count.

However, if this girl in question is already a friend and talks to you fairly regularly through whatsapp then may be you stand a chance. But even then, text to a limit and try to impress her more through your actions. I can give you a few don’ts and the do’s will thus be evident to you-

Impress a Girl On Whatsapp Chat

  1. Do not repeatedly text her. Wait for her to respond. Give her time to respond. Do not fill her notification screen with your texts. No one like that.
  2. Do not use shortcut words with her. Do not write “2” if you want to write “to” or “too”. Do not write “U” if you want to write “you”. You get the drift, right? This shows laziness and lack of effort. It will only lead to the opposite of what you want, so don’t use shortcuts for any word. Spell it out and spell it correctly.
  3. Do not shower her with unnecessary compliments. Do it but be genuine when you do it.
  4. Do not interfere with her life, what so ever. Remember you are trying to impress her and not boss her. Plus she is not your girlfriend yet and even if she was, limit your interference in her life. You don’t know everything about her yet.
  5. Do not be judgemental about her choices. You are absolutely no one to judge them yet.
  6. Give her some space. There is no need to text her everyday and panic when she isn’t texting you. You need to give people some time to miss your presence.
  7. Do not talk only and only about your interests or about hers. It should be both ways. Make it a two-way communication.
  8. Do not, in any way, try to ask her what she thinks about you, at least not initially. Not even subtly. Know this, that if she wasn’t interested in talking to you, she wouldn’t. If you were bothering her, she would have ignored you or blocked you altogether.

I hope this will help you. But I am reminding you again, do not completely rely on texting as a way to impress anyone. However convenient, texting is also the most brilliant way of miscommunication.

You are from different college right,so ask about her college life,ask if anything interesting happens in class or college.

  • Tell her about your goals,ask about hers.
  • Talk about your most cherish memories and tell her about yours.
  • Tell her some funny stories from your childhood and make her laugh.
  • Ask her opinion about everything and give yours and discuss your point of views.
  • If she is an intellectual you can talk about literature, politics, books.

Don’t try to impress her,  just start off with a casualness in your approach. If she is not already into you,  she will definitely get turned off by your trying to impress her. Don’t make it seem obvious.

Tell her things exciting ones which you have done in your life,  may be some funny incidents. The one thing which we like in boys is their sense of humor and the intelligence to mould any topic into a funny or an interesting topic. So make the of this quality of yours.

Tease her sometimes. This will make her defend herself and hence the conversation will be full on. You can do little flirting too but in an opposite and indirect way so that she knows that you are flirting with her but can’t help but take it in an easy way.  Also,  by chance,  if she seems to get a bit serious or tensed by your flirt, help her relax by some famous saviours like “Just Joking”  or “Just Kidding”.

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