Everyone Loves Android Just because of their Apps Store most popularly Android Market where you will find thousands of apps for free.Here i will like to share a simple method by which you can directly install app to your mobile from your computer.When the question comes for installation of apps the trouble comes like we have to connect our mobile to PC then copying that app to mobile and then installing.That’s  the reasons why most of the mobile user don’t download their mobile apps on computer . Searching  Apps on mobile are difficult because we can’t compare two apps so that we can find which app is better and searching apps on small screen is very difficult and time consuming.

STEP1:-  Go to  Android Market and Log-in using your Google Account.

STEP2:- Search for an app which you want to install it on your mobile and open that app.

STEP3:-Click on Install Button to Install the app.

STEP4:- Once again Confirm it by Clicking Install Again.

STEP5:- Now Popup will come like this “Your app will be downloaded to your device shortly” And it will start downloading .

Once downloading is complete your app will be automatically gets installed to your device if it is connected to Internet But if your device is offline then whenever you will be connecting to internet  again app will be installed automatically.

Note:- Use Same Google Account when you are using Android Device. 

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