Install Android on your Computer .Everyone can’t buy a android smartphone to enjoy features of android now don’t worry install android on your computer and enjoy all features given by android mobile on your computer.Most of the people are having Nokia mobile whose  OS  may be s40 or s60 Symbian or Java. Most of the people use Android just because of apps and Games. Android is a great Platform for developer and users too. Install Latest version of Android  Honeycomb and  IceCream sandwich  Android 3.2  &  4.0 respectively Download and install on your computer Using UNetbootin.

Android is any Open Source operating system developer can change the source code to X86 based PC. Since Android is developed by Google Inc it gives good interaction to Internet .UNetbootin allows you to create Bootable USB drive for various operating System.No need to burn a CD use pendrive to boot operating system and Install it.

How To Install Android On PC Using Pendrive

  1. Download Latest Version of Android. You can download OSX86 version of Android 3.2 HoneyComb and Android 4.0 IceCream Sandwich.
  2. Download UNetbootin to make Bootable USB drive for android OS.
  3. Select the path where you have downloaded your Android Operating System and click OK.
  4. Now it will be Extracting copied Files and Installing Bootloader and then Reboot Now.
  5. Now Open Boot Menu after restarting press  F12 for different PC option for opening Boot Menu are different.
  6. Now Select Boot from Hard Disk and Select your Pendrive .
  7. Now if you want to install on hard disk Click on Install Android-X86 to Hard Disk .If you want to try Android then just select Run Android-86  without Installation.
  8. Enjoy Android and Please share with your friends so that everyone can enjoy latest features of Android.


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